Pulling of the Sword

2016 King and Queen of the Glen

For the 79th time, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere returned to the Glen tonight with a magnificent and dramatic flourish at the pulling of the sword! Jack Shams and Perry Romero received the honor and a cheering crowd of over 340 were there to welcome the new monarch’s and their court to their "reign!"

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They head an “all-star” cast of members who will portray all of the familiar roles as the Knights and Ladies of King Arthur and Queen Guenevere’s court.

Congratulations to the court: Helen Becker, Carly Broady, Ellie Broady, Madison Castle, Lauren Clouse, Olivia Malek, Erin McCoy, Maggie Obourn, Mia Raben, Annie Thompson, Landon Cramer, Ossie Froelich, Finn Jent, Ryan Kauffman, Cameron Kirke, Cole Koeberer, Xavier Maier, Oliver Moyski, Zach Triplett, and Jack Van Gilder. Alternates: Cooper McCleary and Jackson Postal.

The night also brought the surprise and triumphant return of Max Dickter as Merlin the Enchanter.

Thanks to past royalty in attendance: 1960’s – Dan Warner & Nancy Fisk, 1968 – Lisa Dontzin Mishico, 1987 – John Wilson, 1990 – Mark Dreher & Jennifer Warner Hodgson, 2010 – Ben Brasch, 2011 – Matthew Lederer & Carlee Flynn, 2012 – Ali Oksner , 2013 – Tyler Kelly & Jessie Dickter, 2014 – Brad Emrick, 2015 – Harris Griswold & Madison Griggs.

An unforgettable event and we all wish them a long and fruitful reign!

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