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The goal of the Geneva Glen Campership Program is to ensure an opportunity for interaction between campers from varying social, economic, racial, national and cultural backgrounds. Geneva Glen emphasizes the value of emotional, intellectual and spiritual attributes in all its participants. This minimizes the value of material things. Through interaction between economically diverse campers in an atmosphere where economic situation is invisible, our "values" teaching becomes tangible. At times, the diversity also causes stress or tension; however, this is healthy and we use it as a learning opportunity. An important part of the Geneva Glen program is to build strong bonds between campers despite their differences.


A Campership is partial or full tuition financial assistance provided to a camper family who otherwise might not be able to attend Geneva Glen.


The purpose of Geneva Glen's Campership program is to expand the availability of the Geneva Glen experience to camper families of all backgrounds, economic levels, ethnic and religious dispositions and races.

Furthermore, the purpose of the Geneva Glen Campership program is to enrich the camping experience for all participants (campers as well as staff), by increasing the diversity of the camp community and by providing financial assistance to the needy, as well as to the gifted. We consider a candidate's financial need, as well as his or her ability and talent to contribute to and strengthen the camping experience at Geneva Glen Camp.

Criteria For Consideration

The following criteria is used to assist in determining the full or partial level of financial assistance given: financial need; previously demonstrated qualities of camp citizenship; personal recommendations by Board members, alumni, staff, camper parents; or other community representatives, a perceived enthusiasm and willingness to invest one's self into the camp program and to participate in the camp spirit.


We give full and impartial consideration for campership assistance and we take into account: availability of funding, availability of housing for a particular session (a number of campership places are reserved for each session), balance and blend based on the sex and age of the child.

We review all requests for campership assistance according to the stated criteria and we make a decision regarding full, partial or no campership. The Board of Directors works together with the Camp Directors and the Campership Committee to review, accept or decline a request for campership assistance.

Process of Application

Please contact the Geneva Glen Directors by mail or by phone if you wish us to consider your child for campership assistance, and clearly state the reasons for your request. If another party refers your child, we will contact the notifying person with our decision. We may request a written statement from the applicant concerning financial need or other information related to the campership criteria.

Tuition Assistance

Geneva Glen implements a Tuition Assistance Program, which is similar to the Campership Program, in an effort to help families with tuition. While camp offers major campership assistance to a limited number of very low-income families to ensure that children from all socio-economic backgrounds have the opportunity to participate in the Geneva Glen experience, we also want to help families for whom tuition may make attending camp difficult or impossible. We set aside a specific amount in the budget to offer tuition assistance. We do apply specific eligibility criteria for this assistance and we protect confidentiality. Please telephone Nancy Atkinson at 303-697-4621, ext. 11 for additional information.

Equal Opportunity

All requests and information are confidential and we don't exhibit bias, favoritism or unlawful discrimination which may interfere in the selection process. All Campership recipients receive the benefits of the camp program, facilities and leadership. Geneva Glen Camp, Inc is an equal opportunity service provider.

Geneva Glen Camp

Geneva Glen Camp, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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