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Our goal is to provide youth with a summer camp experience that develops empathetic, culturally competent campers who welcome and respect all individuals, regardless of what they look like, how they identify, where they come from, their socioeconomic status, their faith and who they love.

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  • Geneva Glen strives to provide a safe and welcoming space for all campers and staff, including transgender and nonbinary members of the Camp Family. Campers and staff are not required to share any information about identity.

  • Geneva Glen has always been a place for children to gain self-awareness and independence, as such, we respect campers’ names and pronouns, even if these may differ from what the camper goes by at home. It is not within Geneva Glen’s authority to tell a camper how they should identify. We dedicate ourselves to the safety and well-being of all attending children, and we will not overlook the data indicating that respecting a child’s name and pronouns significantly reduces suicidal ideation and behavior in youth. (The Trevor Project and Parents.com)

  • In 2023, we developed the Camper DEI Ambassador Role for 1-2 seasonal staff members. These counselors are helpful resources for peer-to-peer support concerning questions surrounding intersectionality and camper identity.

Facilities & Housing

  • Gender-diverse campers, including those in transition, can choose the accommodation that would make them most comfortable during camp. Due to our enrollment system, cabin and dorm assignments are arranged according to the gender listed on the camper application and cannot be changed once the session has started. Please contact us directly if you have questions about this.

  • We have updated our pool showers to offer the option for private showering. Campers are not required to change clothes in front of others if uncomfortable. An update to our drainage system means campers can wash their hair at the pool showers, regardless of hair length!

  • Our updated North Hill bathroom now has two private, single-use stalls, and all upcoming remodels and new construction will prioritize inclusivity, comfort, safety, and privacy.

Spirituality & Religion

  • Geneva Glen is a non-denominational, non-affiliated camp. Campers and staff of all faiths are welcome. We focus on themes that address common spiritual values like honesty, trust, kindness, tolerance, patience, perseverance, discernment, courage, beauty, and hope. Harold Gilmore, one of the initial directors of Geneva Glen, was a minister with the Denver Council of Churches. He was not concerned with liturgy or enforcing any specific doctrine as his definition of religion was “one’s personal conduct.” His wish for Geneva Glen was that all who attended, regardless of race, faith, or culture would be able to experience growth, both spiritual and emotional.

  • Striving to align with the vision of Harold and Iris Gilmore in an ever-changing and expanding world, our spiritual programming does not endorse any one religion or belief system. Geneva Glen’s goal is not to dictate how our campers and staff worship. We encourage campers and staff to share meaningful poems, songs, and passages that promote integrity, selflessness, humility, respect, and connectedness.

  • It is tradition to sing a song before each meal and give pause for gratitude and reflextion. For these mealtime songs and other camp songs or traditions with a religious origin, campers and staff may replace any reference to the Christian God, Lord, or Father, with another concept they prefer. For example, many campers chose to thank the Earth or Nature in these instances.

  • At Geneva Glen, the term "God" is a concept we wholeheartedly embrace. It is inclusive, encompassing any specific deity, belief system, the Earth, Mother Nature, an individual's highest consciousness, or anything that serves to elevate our thoughts and actions within the camp community.


  • Geneva Glen has a robust tuition assistance program with a sliding-scale approach. All families are welcome to apply. We aim to ensure that financial barriers do not prevent any camper from the summer camp experience.

  • At Geneva Glen, we prioritize the well-being of our staff by providing fair and comfortable wages. Since 2019, we have consistently elevated the salaries of our seasonal staff. As of 2024, our compensation has surged by 97% over the five-year span, surpassing the minimum wage mandated by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.

Culture & Programming

American Heritage

  • The American Heritage Program theme has grown to encompass a broader spectrum of American history, with ongoing evolution to enhance consideration for indigenous populations and cultures. We have moved away from naming cabins and dorms after individual tribes. Additionally, whenever feasible, we invite guest speakers from indigenous communities to educate and engage with our campers.

  • Our final ceremony of the session no longer involves a Powwow. We instead celebrate with a day of festivities, a theatrical performance, and the “Spirit of American Heritage” award ceremony.

  • While the majority of American Heritage songs continue to be sung by today's campers, we have taken steps to eliminate or modify the few that included disparaging and/or inaccurate portrayals of Indigenous Peoples. This same approach is consistently applied to instances of cultural costuming in all sessions.


  • To expand and enhance our Knighthood programming, the Merlin’s Masque script has been adapted to increase meaningful roles for women. Roles are cast based on talent and suitability to the character rather than gender. This has allowed for a more equitable involvement for South Hill campers.

  • Adaptations have been implemented in the Pageant Script, allowing any camper to take on each role, irrespective of gender or hill assignment. Furthermore, these roles can be adjusted to accommodate the camper's comfort level with performing and public speaking.

  • Campers on either hill may choose which Knighthood Program they would like to participate in. We have seen the successful inclusion of transgender campers into the program of their choice.

World Friendship

  • World Friendship programming focuses on increasing global engagement, understanding, and international connection. As our knowledge grows, we make adaptations to align the focus of the session better. Songs and skits that are culturally appropriate and appreciative are highly encouraged, while those that have become outdated are retired.

  • Evening plays undergo an evaluation to ensure alignment with the mission of Geneva Glen. As a result, "World Hunger Day" and "Religious Freedom Day" are no longer included in the program. Instead, we opt for celebratory and culturally relevant evening plays.


  • Glen is dedicated to ensuring that all who attend have a meaningful and enriching experience, which involves fostering an environment that supports emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Many of our year-round team members are Youth Mental Health First Aid Certified, and our staff regularly attends national and regional American Camp Association Conferences where we gain insight and education on how better to serve our camp community.

  • Geneva Glen continues to implement CampWell practices and to create a community of well-being with the staff and campers. Created in collaboration with the American Camp Association, the CampWell training program aims to help all be well at camp and seeks to create consistent care across the spectrum of all summer learning spaces. As an immersive learning program, CampWell is uniquely designed to help leaders shape programs that incorporate the tools, self-awareness, and understanding needed to enhance the experience and safety for all. To learn more about CampWell click here.


  • As a non-affiliated organization, Geneva Glen does not endorse or support any specific political stance or agenda. Our camp values revolve around integrity, kindness, self-betterment, and respect for the humanity of others. Any viewpoint aligned with these values is welcomed at Geneva Glen. Campers can anticipate leaving Geneva Glen with the same general political and religious belief system they arrived with.

Additional Information

  • Geneva Glen Camp is committed to establishing an empowering environment for young people, nurturing their development into future leaders. We highly value the opinions of our campers and summer staff. In 2022, a suggestion arose to adapt the names of the hills for increased inclusivity. Such naming changes are not unprecedented in Geneva Glen’s history; for example, North Hill (formerly Boy’s Hill) was initially referred to as “Dorm” Hill, then “Trot” Hill. The hills were also once named “Akita” and “Ute.” The current “North” and “South” nomenclature is not rigid, and while naming conventions will continue to evolve, the culture of our Hills will persist as the same welcoming, inclusive, and supportive environment that they have always been.

  • Click here to view our comprehensive list of DEI initiaitves

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