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The Geneva Glen Board of Directors is a group of volunteer individuals comprised of camper parents, alumni, former campers, former staff, or others vitally interested in Geneva Glen Camp. The Board is responsible for general supervision and control of property, buildings, and equipment of the camp; is responsible for general management and policy, for the allocation of funds, and for making arrangements and changes for the camp which are deemed advisable in keeping with the general purpose for which the camp was established.

Ford Allison


Board Member since 2018

I have been privileged to be associated with Geneva Glen for more than 35 years. It is a remarkable place that provides a magical environment for children to develop a sense of self and self-confidence. I have been a camper, staff member, camper parent, and am now in my second round of contributing on the Board. As a professional in the human service and non-profit world, I am excited to work with such a great team of Board Directors and staff, who are committed to providing campers a positive experience, maintaining the sustainability of our property and forest, and strengthening our diversity and inclusiveness. I look forward to celebrating our 100th Anniversary in 2022, and ensuring GG’s prosperity for the next 100 years.

Alexa Lanpher

Vice Chair

Board Member since 2020

Geneva Glen has been a part of my life since the age of twelve. It remains a powerful building block in the development of my character, instilling integrity, confidence, and a strong desire to serve others in both my career and personal life. Watching my daughter experience the Magic of The Glen has only strengthened my desire to give back to this amazing organization. I am incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to serve as a board member, and to add my experience to best prepare Geneva Glen for the next 100 years.

John Arigoni


Board Member since 2018

Geneva Glen is one of the foundational pillars upon which I have built my life. My 10 years as a camper and 4 years as a staff member are truly some of my fondest memories. My time as a camper taught my the value of outright honesty, open-mindedness, and the immeasurable worth of building true friendships. As a staff member, I became fascinated with the inner workings of GG and its consequent impact on youth development. From horseback to high on the ropes course, the programming at GG unleashes one's inner-child (regardless of age) and provides a safe and supportive environment in which anyone is comfortable being themselves. I am proud to serve on the GG board and do my part to continue GG's genuinely life-changing experience.

Jenn Beck

Secretary/Engagement & Development Committee Chair

Board Member since 2020

A highlight of several of my summers in the 90s was packing my gigantic duffle bag to head to camp at Geneva Glen. My stomach still turns with excitement when I turn onto Parmalee Gulch Road. Now, I hope to bring my professional experience in communications and fundraising to ensure the camp magic is available to many generations to come.

Tim Amass

Health & Wellness Committee Chair

Board Member since 2020

Michael Hazel

Member at large

Board Member since 2023

I’ve been involved with Geneva Glen for over 30 years, first as a camper, then as a counselor, and now as a camper parent. It’s impossible to imagine my life without Camp: it’s the source of my most cherished childhood memories, it instilled values and confidence that still guide me today, and it introduced me to life-long friends—including my wife! I’m honored to serve on the Board of this place that has given me so much, and to contribute to perpetuating the Spirit of the Glen so others can have that same magical experience for generations to come.

Jeanne LaFleur Mondrus

HR/Risk Management Committee Chair

Board Member since 2014

I grew up at Geneva Glen, starting at the ripe age of five. I often tell people that I learned as much from GG as I did from my own parents. The camp bond between my siblings and me is a gift I can never repay. I'm thrilled to contribute as a board member, supporting the unmatched programs and relationships for future generations. I'm thankful my three young boys have Geneva Glen to guide them in discovering their true self and allowing them to just be a kid in the Colorado outdoors.

Dan Lewis

Member at large

Board Member since 2020

Jeff Thormodsgaard

Member at large

Board Member since 2021

Andrew Todd

Stewardship Committee Chair

Board Member since 2018

Of all of the incredible experiences that I had as a camper and counselor at Geneva Glen, perhaps the greatest thing that camp revealed to me was my incredible wife (we walked together through the magical Native American hoop ceremony during American Heritage!!!). As our two daughters grew up, we sang camp songs to help them get to sleep and now, they contently dream about each next summer in their happy place. I am beyond honored to have the opportunity to serve as a board member of this magical place as we approach GG’s 100th anniversary, helping to chart its future while honoring its incredible past.

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Geneva Glen Camp, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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