What is Krew?

  1. The MAIN job of crew is CLEANING. Krew members must have an understanding of their position and daily routines which may include: cleaning all camp bathrooms, continuous cleaning of the entire lodge, emptying all trash containers in the camp and proper disposal of any recyclable stuff, washing dishes, setting tables, unloading supplies, prep cooking, as well as other facility maintenance and projects.

  2. Crew must be able to work well along side of their fellow members, must have the endurance needed for their work, and respect the decisions made by the administrative staff.

  3. Crew fall under the supervisory chain of command of the Crew Bosses, Maintenance Director, Property Manager, Administrative Staff members, and the Director.

  4. Crew members should know their responsibilities and be prepared to help with those of others. The normal workday lasts until 5:30 but the members should be prepared to work at any time on short notice after this time. Krew members attend Evening Play.

  5. Crew should be self-motivated and inspired to take part in all camp activities given that their schedule allows them the chance. The Crew Bosses will tell them which activities are mandatory.

  6. Crew should understand their position as a Geneva Glen staff member and comply with the regulations and codes set in the "Personnel Policies and Practices."

  7. Crew should have a basic understanding of all hazardous tools and chemicals used and learn the brand names and terms, along these same lines, emergency first aid should be understood and practiced.

  8. Crew are to be given one day off per week and one night off per week and are expected to represent the camp as defined in the camp's Personnel Policies. Violation of that conduct is grounds for dismissal.

  9. Performance reviews are anticipated during the second half of the summer season.

  10. All Crew members are expected to follow the regulations of the State of Colorado, and the Jefferson County Health department.

  11. Work Crew is expected to help out in the kitchen (mostly evenings) if the Dish Crew is shorthanded.

  12. The Crew assists in parking cars and carrying campers lugage on Registration Sundays and Checkout Saturdays.


Krew Responsibilities

Work Crew

  • Keep the lodge clean and safe for campers and staff
  • Keep all bathrooms clean and well stocked throughout camp
  • Keep all trash bins at low level and in a way where weather or bears cannot cause litter
  • Help unloading food trucks and other supply trucks
  • Help parking cars on change over weekends
  • Assist with evening plays if needed
  • Help transport overnight supplies
  • Help with the basic maintenance of the camp and camp vehicles
  • Help with the designated jobs given on each day, including the Sunday clean-up
  • Participate in crew training programs including counseling training / area training

Dish Crew

Dish Crew
  • Follow the rules of the Health Department
  • Respond to the cook’s needs and assist as instructed
  • Keep the dishes clean, along with the other designated areas assigned to the crew
  • Set the tables before meal times
  • Follow the schedule of the dish washer duties and perform correctly
  • Perform mail duties
  • Assist in the daycare program for year round staff
  • Conduct Cabin inspections
  • Perform bell-duty
  • Serve at the Concierge Desk and answer phones
  • Become involved in program activities as possible
  • Participate in crew training programs including counseling training / area training
  • Respond to the cook’s needs and assist as instructed
  • Assist with Sportswear (Inventory, Check-in, Check-out)
  • Set out water and juice prior to meals
  • Fill dining table baskets
  • Prepare condiments for meals
  • Clean tables following meals
  • Maintain the clean the coffee counter
  • Check and record refrigerator temperatures
  • Become involved in program activities as possible
  • Participate in crew training programs including counseling training / area training

Krew Job Description

Work Crew

Minimum Qualifications

  • Desire to live and work in camp community
  • Ability to accept guidance and supervision from, and work with others
  • Self-starter
  • Current CPR and first aid certificates preferred
  • At least sixteen years of age

Responsible To

    Crew Bosses / Maintenance Director / Property Manager / Executive Director

Camp Goals

    The Goal of Geneva Glen Camp is to provide experiences for children and youth that promote discovery of one's own dignity and worth; encourage respect for all races, creeds and backgrounds; stimulate love for and care of the natural world; develop commitments to enduring values; train youth as creative school and community leaders; and to empowering participators to live at their highest level and to enrich their home communities through what they have learned at Geneva Glen.

General Responsibility

    To maintain grounds, facilities and camp kitchen; all tools, supplies, equipment. Be good role models for campers.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Assist cooks when needed
  • Maintain clean, sanitary kitchen
  • Wash dishes
  • Maintain clean, neat bathrooms
  • Maintain garbage and storage rooms
  • Make minor repairs
  • Facilitate general cleaning of camp

Essential Functions

    Physical ability to lift heavy equipment, work in demanding atmosphere

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