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Our hiring process remains open without a set deadline, and we will continue to hire until our staffing needs are met. Many of our hiring decisions for the upcoming summer can only be made once we have a clear understanding of the availability of our returning staff members. Rest assured, we will acknowledge the receipt of your application. Should you encounter any questions or encounter difficulties with your application, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We sincerely appreciate your interest, and we eagerly await the opportunity to review your application. Thank you for considering Geneva Glen!

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Now Hiring for summer 2024!

Geneva Glen is hiring for the following seasonal positions:

Counselors share a cabin with one or two other counselors and about ten campers ages 6 to 16. Typically, counselors will work with their campers for one-half day, participating in all the various scheduled and elective activities. The other half of the day, counselors will work in a skill area of their choosing according to their desire, skill, and ability.

Work, Dish, Kitchen Crew
Krew members work in assigned teams to maintain the camp, including cleaning, washing dishes, prep cooking, and general maintenance. Krew members also spend time learning counseling and activity skills.(Apply before February 1 for best consideration)

Being a camp nurse is ideal for a person's nursing career! Good, hard work in a beautiful, healthy Colorado mountain environment; opportunities for play and regeneration; working and playing day in and day out with healthy, happy campers and staff; and a supportive, harmonious atmosphere. Nursing care consists of evaluating and treating minor injuries and illnesses, medication administration, keeping a log of Health Center visits, giving supportive advice to counselors and camp staff, and identifying health problems that require a physician's attention.

Leadership Team Program Coordinator, Head of Hill, Head of Counselor Development, Head of Trainees, Crew Boss, Special Programs Director, Head Wrangler. (Application deadline: January 1)

Activity Directors
Areas: Alchemy, Archery, Assistant Wrangler, BB's, Bracelets, Crafts, Dance, Drama, G Smash (LARPing), Media, Magicology, Pool, Rifles, Shields, Sports, Store, Teen Leadership, Vespers, WILD.

The photographer takes photos of campers and staff involved in camp activities, organizes the photo catalog using Adobe Lightroom, shares photos online, and designs slideshows of the camp season.

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