Pulling of the Sword

2021 King and Queen

2021 King and Queen of the Glen

For the 83rd time, King Arthur and Queen Guinevere returned to the Glen tonight with a magnificent and dramatic flourish at the Pulling of the Sword! Sam Kanewske and Lily Crawford received the honor to a cheering crowd welcoming the new monarchs and their Court to their "reign!"

Congratulations to the Court: Ellen Bogucki, Maya Dayan, Lara Harte, Sophia Lisle, Sawyer Risch, Abby Romero, Samantha Rudnick, Molly Smith, Siena Streblow, Evelyn Vogt, Logan Christman, Rob Jacoby, Max Kaplan, Matthew Kirton, Cooper Lees, Reed McElhinney, Brogan O’Connor, Hastings Traficanti, Sam Wenig, and Matthew Werner Alternates: Kate Todd and Fyn Walker.

Thanks to our past Monarchs: Harris Griswold, Ozzie Froelich, Aubrey Crawford, Blake Schimmel, and Mia Gonzalez. Vespers Hill served as a beautiful scene for the unforgettable event, and we all wish them a long and fruitful reign!

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