Pulling of the Sword

2019 King and Queen of the Glen

Knights and Ladies of the Geneva Glen Camp Family, we annouced our new King and Queen of the Glen in our 2019 Pulling of the Sword ceremony! Congratulations to our King, Blake Schimmel and our Queen, Mia Gonzalez! Congratulations are also in order for the 2019 Court, which includes: Stella Addis, Margot Bender, Carter Hoops, Sloan Hurley, Mary Malone Johnson, Parker Murane, Waverly Reeves, Grace Romero, Lily Urban, Tess Wallace, Seamus Cassidy, John Cunningham, Blake Duris, Jake Jent, Riley Kidston, Taggert Lees, Luca Maffoni, Reed Nixon, Cedric Orton-Urbina, and Will Klein. Alternates: Nora Rassman and Grant Cruzan.All Hail the King and Queen!

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Thanks to past royalty in attendance: Nancy Fisk Atkinson, Casey Klein, Chip Klein, Matt Lederer, Brad Emrick, Harris Griswold, Madison Griggs, Jack Shams, Perry Romero, Ozzie Froelich, McKenna Nading, Ben Malek, and Aubrey Crawford.

An unforgettable event and we all wish them a long and fruitful reign!

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