Fruitage of Camp

Geneva Glen has taken a careful look into the mirror to get at the science behind the artistry of growing healthy children. What we have found is truly impressive, and yet altogether familiar!

There is transformative power in bringing children into a natural, healthy environment that inspires inward growth, development of character, and faith in one’s own individuality.

For generations, we have recognized this undeniably palpable spirit as the “Magic of the Glen.”

Honoring nearly a century of meaningful traditions and a deep commitment to being stewards of the future, camp prepares young people to be leaders by constantly creating a place of love and acceptance for every child, young and old! GG derives its strength by celebrating the great diversity found in every aspect of the place: the program, the leaders, the land. In today’s world that urges caution and that presents uncertainty, camp is decidedly grounding, and provides a nourishing haven of safety and inspiration.

Why did we do this?

  • Identify Stengths and Weaknesses in programming
  • Prove and disprove perceptions
  • Use as an organizational assessment tool
  • Document and "prove" the camp philosophy
  • Ensure that we are accountable for what we say wo do!

What we did

  • Planned, defined and evaluated “outcome” based program design in activity areas as well as camp wide programming (Vespers, Knighthood, etc…) by designing outcome logic models
  • Gathered “indicators” of GG goals and outcomes (Fruitage)
  • Evaluated camp wide programming by administering the ACA Youth Outcomes battery
    • Friendship
    • Independence
    • Teamwork
    • Perceived Competence
    • Camp Connectedness
    • Interest in Exploration
    • Respnsibility
    • Affinty for Nature
  • Gathered other program related evaluations (parent survey, staff surveys.)

The Results

Geneva Glen is an anomaly. During these times of corrosive national cynicism, when one trusted institution after another proves to be all too susceptible to human weakness, greed and self-aggrandizement, this place moves in a different direction.

Geneva Glen offers young people goals to strive for, traditions to uphold, values to clarify and deepen, leadership opportunities, and the experience of working to be your best self. Living in community with 300 people in a rustic, outdoor setting provides challenges daily, and develops friendships that rise naturally from the teamwork and focus on others that this requires.

For over 100 years, Geneva Glen has flourished, struggled, ebbed and flowed through the decades and generations of people coming to give of their talent, energy and love, and to learn and grow in this culture of love, acceptance and high expectation. The camp motto, “Cherishing the Past, Seeding the Future” captures the essence of this place, beloved by so many.

Geneva Glen Camp

Geneva Glen Camp, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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