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Our goal is to provide youth with a summer camp experience that:

Our Goals
  • Stimulates love for and care of the natural world: Our staff teach basic ecological principles and lead outdoor opportunities and activities that encourage campers to develop an affinity for nature.
  • Promotes discovery of one's own dignity and worth:Geneva Glen provides an atmosphere which allows campers to "be themselves." Counselors offer campers the opportunity to voice their opinions and celebrate their own uniqueness and individuality.
  • Develops empathetic, culturally competent campers who welcome and respect all individuals, regardless of what they look like, how they identify, where they come from, their socioeconomic status, their faith and who they love:A supportive environment that is free of discrimination and harassment allows children and young adults to become caring and committed leaders who model that same environment in their communities outside camp. In recognition of the historical inequities that many communities face, including access to the outdoors, Geneva Glen is committed to working toward addressing systemic issues by eliminating barriers to access and growing camp in ways that foster leaders who are always working to understand and feel what it means to stand in each other’s shoes in order to cultivate and share the magic of the Glen.
  • Develops commitment to enduring values and respect:Geneva Glen’s culture transcends fashion as demonstrated simply by its enduring reputation as a "place out-of-time;"a place where values are taught and lived. Campers demonstrate commitment to respect as they are taught, through role-modeling, the value of good sportsmanship, and strong camaraderie in the dorm or cabin.
  • Inspires service and responsibility to foster exemplary school and community leaders:As a strong sense of personal worth and individuality are nutured at Geneva Glen, campers are encouraged to take these values back home and promote constructive behaviors and attitude in their home community.

Campers achieve these goals through activities and programs led by skilled leaders. These young-adult leaders conduct a varied and exciting program that includes horseback riding, swimming, outdoor adventure programming, archery, music, dance, drama, arts & crafts, rich ceremony, and more. Our success is demonstrated by the high rate of returning campers and staff members. On average, 75% of campers and 85-90% of staff return to Geneva Glen each summer. In addition, Geneva Glen is one of the few camps to boast sixth-generation campers.

"Geneva Glen has been regarded as “magic.”"

It is a place out of time, transcends fashion, and liberates participants from the pressures of the “real world.” Geneva Glen seeks to empower all campers and staff to live at their highest level and enrich their home communities by virtue of their substance and strength of character, enlarged through the camp experience.

Geneva Glen Camp

Geneva Glen Camp, Inc is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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