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Knighthood I: June 30 - July 13, 2024
Knighthood II: July 14 - July 27, 2024
Tuition: $2,600
Ages: entering 3rd-11th grade

Knighthood is the oldest and most traditional theme at Geneva Glen, taking place mid-summer. This session delves into the rich Arthurian tales, focusing on personal growth and character development. Traditional ceremonies, both poignant and intellectually stimulating, punctuate the camp experience. Campers face challenges in embodying their best selves and cultivating timeless traits like responsibility, courage, patience, and humility. The session culminates in the esteemed Court and Induction ceremonies, a highlight and tradition of camp.

KnightKnighthood I explores the early Arthurian legends through the mystical figure of Merlin, inspired by Mary Stewart’s The Crystal Cave. The session peaks with “Merlin’s Masque,” an all-day theatrical event held in the Council Ring that brings these stories to life.

Knighthood II continues the narrative, focusing on the ascendancy of King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and the legendary Camelot. Campers participate actively by electing a “Court” to portray the royal figures and their companions. The session concludes with a grand “Pageant” featuring music, drama, dance, and presentations by the Court.

**Note: Participation in Knighthood I is not required to join Knighthood II.

Some of the events from Knighthood:
  • 4th of July Celebration (KHI)
  • Merlin's Masque (KHI)
  • Pulling of the Sword (KHII)
  • Sword Soliloquy (KHII)
  • Shields
  • Avalon
  • Court
  • Induction
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